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According to Mary Felegy, the president of Fair Game Goose, the average Canada goose produces one to two pounds of droppings. This is why you should never feed the Canada geese if you want to get rid of them. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, human food isn’t good for the geese because it’s not of nutritional value. Geese that gather in high concentrations are most likely to get diseases, and the geese droppings increase algae growth which kills the fish in the area. Geese droppings are unsightly and unsanitary, which give way to parasites that harm humans who are exposed to them.

The Canada Geese Diet - Canada geese are herbivores and enjoy grass and vegetation. They also like to eat water lilies, corn, wheat, sorghum, oats and barley. Canada geese like to live in wetland habitats because these habitats provide food, shelter and water to them. The Canada geese also go near lakes and rivers and during nesting season they aggressively protect their territory and offspring.

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