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Ways to get rid of Canada Geese - A popular way to get rid of Canada geese in your yard or home is to use a goose repellent that’s non-toxic and that you can spray on the grass. When you spray the repellent on the grass, the geese won’t be harmed by the repellent but the taste of the repellent will be unpleasant to them and eventually they go elsewhere.

Putting up barriers around your property where the geese are likely to gather is another effective tool of keeping them away. You can take a few large and tall poles and place them in front of your house then tie some heavy ropes around them to create a fence where the geese cannot enter the property. Plant some large shrubs and patches of grass along the front of your property because geese usually avoid areas where tall grass and shrubs exist since predators tend to lay in wait for them in such areas. Purchase a heavy and sturdy fence from the home improvement store and use this as protection from the Canada geese. The fence should be 24 inches and about 3 feet tall for the best results.

Geese don’t care too much for dogs so having man’s best friend around can be another natural way of deterring geese from your property. It’s best to keep your dogs on a leash if they’re highly active because you don’t want the dogs to harm the geese; just to scare them away.

Another scare tactic to use is noisemaking devices in front of your property such as loud bells, gadgets that make the sounds of wolves and recordings of voices that sound like distressed geese. These are not guaranteed to work, but it might be worth a try.

You should also keep garbage away from your front porch because this attracts the geese as they’re always looking for food. Many outdoors stores carry decoys that look like coyotes and dead geese. When geese see a dead animal in the area, they tend to avoid that area as it alerts them that a certain place may be unsafe for them.

Finally, call a local wildlife removal service if the previous methods aren’t working well. A credible wildlife removal company will provide an on-site visit and give you a written estimate which will include an identification of the animal on your property, the entry points where the animals enter and if any offspring was spotted. The inspector may also show you pictures of how the animals entered your property so that you can use preventive methods to keep them from returning.

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